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Mini Refillable Atomizer

Ever needed to bring your fragrances with you but they couldn't fit them in your purse or had too many bottles to choose from?


Now you can take your favorite fragrances with you anywhere you go, with the Mini Refillable Atomizer Travel Spray Bottle.

Tiny in size and light enough to be put in your pocket or handbag, this exclusive perfume spray bottle is ideal for travelling or carrying in your handbag.  

Mini Refillable Atomizer

This unique spray atomizer can join you anywhere, whether you're attending a party, spending your free time on holiday or on a business trip.  It's a great tool to keep you smelling fresh and remaining confident.

This particular Genie-S 'pump to fill' system is accompanied with a an integrated window enabling you to see how much fragrance is remaining. 

The lovely mini refillable atomizer perfume spray bottle easily transfers fragrance without spillage or air exposure, making it super easy to use. 


  • Material: High Quality Aluminum
  • Size: 5ml & 8ml (lipstick size)
  • Colors: 13
  • High Definition Spray Head
  • Approximately 65 sprays
  • Reduces the waste of perfume creates a finer spray
  • Recyclable and environment-friendly 
  • Durable and light-weight
  • Easily fits in your pocket or handbag
  • Easy to use