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Microfiber Bathrobe Towel Dress

The revolutionary Multi-functional Microfiber Bathrobe Towel Dress is putting a smile on so many female faces!  It's a wearable towel made of ultra-comfy microfiber, similar to a bathrobe but much better! Best part is that the body towel appears trendy enough to wear as a dress.

This ultra-fine high-quality fabric towel is incredibly soft, easy to wear, multi-functional and created to give you the best post-bathing experience.

Introducing the bath towel that will never fail you!

This Multi-functional Microfiber Bathrobe Towel Dress consists of high quality polyester and cotton fabric that easily dries through its exquisite microfiber material, making post-bathing life so much easier. 

Not only will drying after you bathe become easier and faster, but so will accessing your wardrobe because you can easily transform this microfiber towel into a wearable dress.

Microfiber Bathrobe Towel Dress

It helps you save time and provides instant access to that cute outfit you plan on wearing.  No more guess work what to wear, and you can be sure you'll be dressing with style!  It's time to show off this beautiful towel dress!

Feel confident in your own body wearing this Multi-functional Microfiber Bathrobe Towel Dress and look amazing!

Product Details:

  • Bath Towel
  • Easy To Wear
  • Zero Risk Of Falling (Stays On The Body)
  • Strong Water Absorption
  • Complete Coverage Of Intimate Areas
  • High Quality Polyester and Cotton
  • Feature: Quick-Dry (Microfiber)
  • Pattern Style: Solid Color
  • Absorption Speed: 5 seconds - 10 seconds
  • Colors: Flush Pink, Warm Purple, Vibrant Blue, Rosy Red, Cool White